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Current Lamb Prices

Whole lamb 40-60 lbs. hanging weight $8/lb.

Half lamb 20-30 lbs. hanging weight $9/lb.

Quarter lamb 10-15 lbs. hanging weight $10/lb.

2017 lambs will be available in mid December.  

Unbutchered animals available on the farm (you butcher or arrange butchering) $3 per lb live weight.  Young lambs available in March, April and May 2017

A $100 deposit is required. Reserve yours below:

Grass Fed Lamb

Naturally raised, grass fed lamb is a true delicacy.  Our sheep spend most of their lives knee deep in the abundant, lush grass of our pastures.  We strive to  afford them the natural, stress-free life and healthy diet that nature intended.  As stewards of the land, we treat our farm as a precious, irreplaceable resource, and follow sustainable farming practices to ensure our cropland will be productive for future generations. We raise our sheep and all of our animals with the utmost care, feeding them a natural diet of grass, legumes and hay supplemented by whole grain when needed.  We do not use hormones or any routine antibiotics The result— healthy, nutritious, and flavorful lamb. All lamb is USDA inspected, vacuum packed and frozen.